S3xt Ed 270

Sext Education is what Ms. Penland address in her classroom. Penland is able to utilize the technology students use day to day to cover a topic that at one point was hush hush. Having students write down answers about this sensitive subject that can often be something joked about and turned into a constructive lesson plan with maturity. Her students handled the topic extremely maturely and they were joking in a manner that was not inappropriate towards the subject matter. Students brainstorming how they would manage the question of if someone wanted them to sext was accomplished by having them reply ON the ipads. Having the media they use, and their own words concretes the idea that the students are the ones in control, giving accountability towards the situation.


Author: toyk

I am currently a Special Education major at Western Oregon University. I also work as a direct support personnel for a 15 year old girl with a rare chromosome deletion that falls on the Autism Spectrum. This platform will be used to post ideas and insights, and other resources related to both topics. Cheers!

One thought on “S3xt Ed 270”

  1. I agree that she handled this difficult topic very well. I was also impressed how she got young students to handle such a topic with maturity.


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