Introductory Concepts


In recent discussions of technology in the classroom, the issue of technology’s impact and uses in our education system. So is technology a must have new resource in today’s learning environment? I will let you be the judge while I give you the perspectives of both sides, as well as my own personal view of whether technology belongs in the classroom.

Turning On the Lights points that Education is in dire need of technology in the classroom. Technology has been apart of these students entire life. Internet and phones are a gateway to the future, yet classrooms are teaching the past. Marc Prensky writes that students are bored when they are at school and believes it is because lack of technology in the classroom. Students today are told to shut off their phones when they enter the classroom and write notes on paper while they listen to a lecture. Marc believes this structure is deterring students from getting engaged and learning. Giving students a chance to use their phones, the internet, clickers, anything that can help bridge the gap of learning about the past and the future.

Kathy Cassidy’s pushes towards technology used as a brand new tool. Technology learning should not be forced, and choice is important for what fits the student’s learning style. “technology should be for accessing what was inaccessible.” Technology Uses.  Helping students research things they are interested in and with an unlimited amount of resources available online.

But old technology should not be looked over. Mary Beth Hertz  writes that a pencil and paper can suffice in the learning environment. Some classes technology can be doing more harm than good for a student. This blog posting really just wants you to think about the subjects being taught, and to not forget that many skills still are done with old technology at this day and age.

I can agree with all of these writers that technology in classrooms can do marvelous things for the learning environment. I think that technology is the future, our students are the future, why would we separate these two things? Many people may side with Mary Beth Hertz and be just fine with the old fashion pencil paper learning environment for certain aspects of school, but giving the choice to access to the internet and use it as a tool lets students utilize so many skills when they are learning about something they want to learn. Incorporating technology in the class will create an engaged learning environment, keeping students interest, and learning outside of the confines of the classroom.



Author: toyk

I am currently a Special Education major at Western Oregon University. I also work as a direct support personnel for a 15 year old girl with a rare chromosome deletion that falls on the Autism Spectrum. This platform will be used to post ideas and insights, and other resources related to both topics. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Introductory Concepts”

  1. I agree with your stance on “technology is the future” of our classrooms so to speak. If students get what they know best taken away they will feel “unplugged” and therefore find what the teacher is saying boring or engaging to them, this is how I feel and I think you expressed this idea very clearly in your paper.


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